Fitness Training

My Inspiration

I couldn't have achieved half of what I have done without surrounding myself with a lot of special people.

However, there are 2 people in particular, who are the most special of all and I owe them so much.

Unconditional Support and Advice

My parents, Roy and Diana Stevenson were the most amazing people. They shaped and moulded me into the person and athlete that I am today. The desire and commitment they showed towards helping me to reach my goals was so inspiring, they gave me support without pressure, they gave me advice without demand and most of all, they gave me love regardless of the outcome.

My parents allowed my coach to teach me Taekwondo, yet what they taught me was more important, life skills. They taught me to have respect and to be appreciative, they taught me values and morals, but most importantly they taught me to stay grounded and never forget where I have come from and how hard I had to work to get here.

Strength from Death

Sadly in 2011 these two amazing people were cruelly taken from us. Both taken ill with cancer and both gone within months of diagnosis, it is hard for people to comprehend how difficult 2011 was for me as a year.

They were determined, they were courageous and they were strong together, although they lost their respective battles, they were never "Beaten"

The strength of character that they had and the values by which they lived their lives are how I now behave and live on a daily basis.

I will never forget who inspired me and where I come from. I will never be "Beaten"

The Future

Sarah is planning to continue to inspire, mentor and motivate young people to achieve and carry on the legacy that she has created for GB Taekwondo, and now wants to use her experiences to help inspire anyone to a healthy and positive life.

My Inspiration
"Sarah is one of the most determined and focused athletes that I have ever coached, combined with her incredible talent it’s no wonder she became multiple world champion and Olympic medallist. I have no doubt she will transfer her fantastic attitude and high standards to her PT business” Neil Parsley

"I trained with Sarah in the weeks leading up to my big day, my wedding. Sarah has the personal touch I needed, instead of standing watching me, she joined in for the full work out, I immediately started seeing results and looked amazing on my wedding day and felt great, can't wait to get back into training again."